Empower your business with video AI

VidMetrica is a video AI platform solution which transforms video sources to data, value and real-time insights for your business.


Plug & Play

After running the VidMetrica platform, just connect your camera and configure what and how you want to measure.


Intensive Performance

We follow and apply latest video AI technologies on our platform to have maximum possible performance.


Endless Metrics

Once we have extract information from video data using AI, we create endless possibilities of analytics and metrics.

How VidMetrica a works?

VidMetrica can connect your video sources in minutes and transform them to analytics & metrics real-time.

Connect your cameras.

Configure VidMetrica server to connect your security cameras’ streaming endpoints. When VidMetrica can access your camera IP addresses, you’re ready.

Configure what and how you want to measure.

Configure your camera’s region of interest, area calibration, density thresholds and all other parameters in just few clicks.

Start getting know from video data instantly.

You can show real-time notifications and status on kiosk/tablet interfaces. Also you get extensive amount of historical & real-time data analytics on VidMetrica platform.

VidMetrica ❤️ solving real-world problems.

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Data Points Producing Daily

VidMetrica makes AI work for you to fight with COVID-19

VidMetrica platform is ready to transform your video data to get density and social distancing violation metrics in real-time. It’s shipped with out-of-the-box kiosk/tablet interfaces to show density and extensive analytics dashboards.

Istanbul Airport (IGA), one of the largest airports in the world, chose VidMetrica

IGA – Istanbul Airport chose VidMetrica to produce real-time insights from their visitor flow and queues. Today, terabytes of video streams are processing 24/7 by VidMetrica to enable data-driven decisions for IGA’s operation teams.

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