Social Distancing Measurement in minutes using your existing cameras

Did you know that you can set up your existing IP cameras / CCTV cameras in your facility to get know and alerted about social distancing? VidMetrica uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to detect people in your video sources including IP, surveillance, and CCTV cameras. Then, VidMetrica can measure and analyze social distancing between people in the frame of your camera.

You can take a look at our How VidMetrica works page to see running video analytics with VidMetrica software in minutes.

VidMetrica performs a very complex set of algorithms over your video data to understand people’s positioning in 3D. This analysis lets VidMetrica understand the distance between people and their positions in the area. Thus, VidMetrica can analyze social distancing safety metrics which is a ratio based result shows average safety in the area.

Also VidMetrica can mark people who violates social distancing explicitly. To use that data with your operational fields in the area, VidMetrica represent this data in 2D bird eye map. Thus, you can get to know about the exact area needs intervention to practice social distancing.

Connect your cameras, configure what and how you want to measure and then Start getting know from video data instantly with VidMetrica. Download our 2021 brochure to get to know about our solutions against COVID-19.

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