Istanbul Airport (IGA) - VidMetrica Case Study

IGA – Istanbul Airport chose VidMetrica to produce real-time insights from their visitor flow and queues. Today, terabytes of video streams are processing 24/7 by VidMetrica to enable data-driven decisions for IGA’s operation teams. VidMetrica helps to drop Time-to-Action to zero by providing instant notifications and less than 10-second data analytics latency.

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IGA Airport’s story started with the desire of data-driven decision-making over operational processes and providing a safe journey for their visitors in the COVID-19 era. Commodity metrics like people counter and occupancy ratio wasn’t valuable enough. The production of metrics that require taking action by IGA teams has created the need for comprehensive and complex AI-based video processing.


VidMetrica started working with live video stream data receiving from existing cameras. The primary focus was the people queues at check-in areas. To provide a deep understanding of these areas, many distinctive metrics are generating. Calculation of distances between each person detected in a camera frame is just a start. Especially, we should mention “Social Distancing Safety” which is the ratio of people’s social distancing practice in a defined area. Another one is “Social Distancing Violation Groups” which shows the distribution of social distancing practice among groups of people in a defined area.


VidMetrica processes more than 7,7TB of video data every day and produces over 130M data point from them. Total 5000 m2 indoor area is covered by VidMetrica and the whole solution runs on IGA – IST Systems’ secure on-premise datacenters with modern microservice-based architecture.

Different teams of IGA can access the data analytics and insights behind a role-based access control mechanism. Data are consumable on VidMetrica’s own data visualization tools and also API’s are available for further integrations.

   Solution Details

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