VidMetrica can produce endless possibilities of analytics from your video or camera sources.


Plug & Play

After running the VidMetrica platform, just connect your camera and configure what and how you want to measure.


Intensive Performance

We follow and apply latest video AI technologies on our platform to have maximum possible performance.


Endless Metrics

Once we have extract information from video data using AI, we create endless possibilities of analytics and metrics.

VidMetrica can measure and detect social distancing violations.

You set thresholds for social distancing and VidMetrica does the rest. You can monitor and analyze social distancing violations of multiple locations and get notified from them.

VidMetrica can measure people count and density.

VidMetrica can measure people count and density in a given region of interest (ROI). VidMetrica is powerful and smart enough not to confuse bags or suitcases with people.

Occupancy 80%

VidMetrica can create extensive dashboards and analytics for you.

VidMetrica generates analytics for video sources but this isn’t all. It can also compare multiple locations and generate different aspects of insights from your video data.

VidMetrica can create rich metrics from your video data

If you integrate more data sources with VidMetrica, it’ll be your super-hero for the data. VidMetrica is a powerful queue management tool when you integrate estimate processing time for your queues. The final result is the estimated waiting time for each of your video sources.

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